Queens College was looking to partner with a marketing team able to provide a full-service approach to their advertising initiatives, helping to address their marketing and enrollment challenges.

We launched a complete renovation of Queens College’s creative strategy and key messaging.

“It’s a Queens thing” became the central creative concept and acknowledged the loyalty and support for one of the largest boroughs in New York City. We could then build a matrix of copy that could be utilized across Queens College’s website, advertising, and enrollment follow-ups. The unification of a creative concept with copy, assets and messaging allows potential students to interact with Queens College in a consistent nature from the start of their college application process through enrollment.

Queens College
  • Creative Strategy
  • Branding
  • Advertising


Increase in Applications


Increase in Enrollments


Campaign Based Leads
The next step...a comprehensive approach across the entirety of the student recruitment funnel.

To attract impressions and build out a potential audience, we ran attention tactics across TikTok, programmatic display, Twitter and YouTube. Along with our digital approach, out-of-home activity was established utilizing Hulu, Brand Advance (a programmatic network focused on engaging with a diverse community) and local radio stations. While digital marketing allows us to build audiences, the out-of-home approach allows Queens to expand its outreach and build brand recognition among a local audience in New York City. 

Connection tactics were established to bring prospective students to landing pages in order to generate leads. Then, to bring prospective students to the website and generate leads, we used Akero, our in-house technology platform that gives teams full visibility of their funnels, campaigns and tactics, to build bespoke landing pages and personalized drip campaigns, nurturing students through the funnel. Retargeting was also utilized to ensure the media budget was spent wisely and focused on students interested in Queens College.

And the results?

Queens saw improvements across the board, with the brand resonating in all traditional channels like never before. A key recruitment area for Queen’s was its summer session program, in which they saw a 34% increase in enrollments year on year. “It’s a Queens thing” resonated so well with leadership, it was adopted as a broader motto for outreach and activity.