Ahead of the release of UCAS’s inventory, and in preparation for Clearing 2020, universities are needing to think smart when deciding which items to bid on in order to maximise their advertising impact. 

We’ve had a lot of clients wanting the best practice tips, so what better way than to have our experts and UCAS Media co-present you everything you need to know?

From this webinar, you’ll be getting advice and guidance on how best to approach this process.

By watching this webinar on-demand you will receive:

  • An evaluation of how the last UCAS Clearing Inventory release went, with a look at what worked and what didn’t work
  • How to bid in order to maximise the best results for your university
  • The answers to FAQS around the UCAS inventory release, to help strengthen your Clearing 2020 strategy.
  • Predictions ahead of this academic year’s inventory release. 
  • We’ll outline why we believe certain items will deliver you greater results than others