Our Head of Education delved into the insights from the National Clearing Survey and expanded on how to win over the Direct Applicant this Clearing.

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The Direct Applicant group now makes up 57% of all Clearing applicants, so attracting them is crucial to Clearing success. But, they're not waiting for that Results Day green light, so how can you account for them in your plans?

With the right insights and strategy, the Direct Applicant can help you get a competitive edge in 2021. Find out how to attract the three sub-groups of Direct Applicant and move them through the funnel by catching up with our webinar. 

The session provides marketers with the unique opportunity to delve deeper into the Direct Applicant; focusing on their motivations and decision-making process. Check out the discussion about how to track and measure your recruitment efforts for this elusive group, while maximising your budget and calculating ROI. 

What we covered:

  • The subgroups of the Direct Applicant persona
  • How to measure and track your recruitment efforts and benchmark them against your KPIs
  • The strategic findings on how to maximise your budget with your tech stack and calculate ROI
  • Actionable insights and laser-focus strategy to put in place this Clearing

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