Generation Z is quickly becoming the largest and most diverse generation in history. Today they equate to 32% of the global population and if you fast forward to 2020, Gen Z is expected to account for 40% of all consumers.

It’s more important than ever to identify the differences between Gen Z and their millennial predecessors, and account for these changes when developing future marketing strategies.

There has been an undeniable shift in the way Gen Z navigate through consumer markets and in this guide, we explore how institutions can build a brand.

This guide includes:

  • An analysis of who the Gen Z cohort is, where they are, and where they’re heading. 
  • Insight into the platforms they’re residing in and the sociology behind the shift.
  • Examples of successful advertising campaigns and concepts specific to Gen Z. 
  • Recommendations and inspiration on how to deliver state of the art Gen Z campaigns across multiple platforms.