Have you filled your summer classes for 2021?

Your college may be small, but that doesn’t mean you’re less than. Join our webinar on how to convey the value proposition of your institution to your students when universities are on their minds. 

Although universities typically hold more prestige than Community Colleges in the eyes of the students, that doesn’t mean you haven’t got what it takes to nurture and attract students to your campus. You’ve just got to know how to build that brand awareness and confidence in your college, and we’ve got the webinar for just that.

Catch up on the webinar and discover how to show your students why a smaller campus is right for them.

What you will learn:

  • How you can position your USPs 
  • How to harness community spirit
  • How to empower your alumni to be your advocates 
  • How to convey your value through your advertising, marketing and creative and messaging
  • The dos and don’t with real-life case studies and examples 

“Most enrolled students are within a 65-85 mile radius of the brand as they have an awareness of it. However, if there is a big offering elsewhere, then they will consider taking classes at other institutions.

- Goca Weis, Consultant at Pearson, ‘How to effectively launch new online programs’.