On March 8th, institutions across the UK celebrated International Women’s Day 2021, highlighting the achievements of their female alumni and students. Even with remarkable developments in women’s access to education and greater overall equality, feminism is still a polarising concept and gender stereotyping still exists, even among Gen-Z. 

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On 8 March, we witnessed some great content from institutions celebrating women on socials. Here’s the best of the best, the quick wins and what you should consider when next year’s International Women’s Day rolls around. But, who says you’re limited to a set day to showcase the wonderful women in your institution? Show support for your students with content that makes a mark.

User generated content 

The University of Glasgow

While some universities celebrated the day with a simple post on socials, the University of Glasgow went above and beyond, showcasing a meaningful poem written for the women at the university. Bringing women in leadership positions to the fore, despite the challenges of lockdown, to celebrate the day and be the collective voice of the poem.

The poem ensured a personal touch to the content that Glasgow was able to produce. With various women reading the words, the sense of togetherness was heightened, highlighting the importance of gender equality at the institution. 

The University of Oxford

How better to showcase the talent of your female students than getting the students themselves to create some content? Celebrate the success of your female graduates, especially in subjects typically deemed ‘masculine’, such as STEM.

Real examples

Queen’s University Belfast

Studies show that the pandemic has inspired more young people than ever to study sciences. Queen’s University Belfast celebrated the women who have been working throughout the Covid-19 crisis; from technicians, to student volunteers, to scientists and doctors. Their posts provided inspiration for women to see how they can make a difference in real life, particularly with a career in STEM. Their examples were relatable and inspirational for students, and showcased the impact that women can have in a field that is typically deemed ‘masculine’, serving to break down those stereotypes.

The power of alumni 

Your alumni are a powerful source of inspiration for your current and prospective students. The University of Bath and Bishop Grosseteste University celebrated female former students and pioneers who rocked the world. Celebrating the achievements of your alumni gives your students the chance to visualise their futures, while reiterating your institution’s support for gender equality and that you #ChooseToChallenge.

University of Stirling

Stirling showed their affinity with #ChooseToChallenge this International Women’s Day through photographs of their staff and students taking part in the movement. The more awareness of and commitment to feminism your institution can bring about, the closer women are to living in a more equal and inclusive world. 

Now you’ve seen the best of the best in celebrating women and showing support for the movement, how can you #ChooseToChallenge? Our friends over at Student Hut recently published an article highlighting the inequalities still present in society today, and the places students can find support on and off campus. Please feel free to share the article with your students and we look forward to seeing next month’s social media posts.