We’re thrilled to announce Net Natives has been named a finalist in the Anthem Awards, which celebrate purpose and mission-driven work, in the Diversity, Equality and Inclusive Research Projects and Publication category.

Our entry was named ‘Understanding Every Student’, showcasing the different research projects we carry out to ensure that every kind of student is heard.

Every student has a unique journey and view of the world, all equally important to their institutions and wider society, but all too often, universities can take a white, male and middle-class-centric approach to policies, procedures and practices.

This is what sparked Net Natives and the team behind the Student Pulse Panel to endeavour to level the playing field with diverse and inclusive insight that incorporates many different voices, not just the most privileged.

We looked at some of our most recent research projects: Feminism and Gender Stereotypes on Campus, Black Lives Matter, and Where are the Students We See. Insightful in their findings and confrontational in their style.

We believe that, through our inclusive research projects, we show best practice in researching and understanding cultural and social minority student communities. By sharing their stories, we hope to drive change and be a force for good in the higher education diversity, equality and inclusion space.

So, some of the insights that have come out of these reports?

  1. Approximately 15% of students say they have experienced sexism at university, but between 60-70% don’t know if there is somewhere they can report these kinds of incidents.
  2. Six in 20 students don’t feel that universities represent them and one in five students never feel represented in advertising.
  3. There’s a distinction between diversity and inclusion; just because there’s a diverse student body, does not mean minority students feel included. They feel ‘othered’. 

We’re excited to continue this work in 2022, and if you want to find out more about how we can work together to understand every student at your institution, get in touch.